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Siemens Somarom Scanner


Detailed Images at Reduced Dose

Emery Medical Solutions is pleased to announce we have expanded our diagnostic imaging with the recent installation of the new Siemens SOMATOM® Perspective 128-slice CT scanner.

Our Scanner Offers:

Intricate Diagnostic Details

  • Highly detailed vascular imaging enables visualization of even the smallest diagnostic detail.
  • Fast scanning speed helps reduce need for breath hold, especially critical for imaging trauma, elderly, and pediatric patients.

Advanced Dose Reduction Features

  • Innovative technology automates dose according to patient size, weight, and anatomy, providing high-quality images at minimally required dose.
  • State-of-the-art SAFIRE* image reconstruction software allows for up to 60% dose reduction across a wide portfolio of clinical applications.

Patient-Friendly Design

  • Automated technology helps allow the technologist to spend less time at the machine and more time with the patient.
  • Patient-friendly design allows for excellent access and patient positioning.
  • Consistent, high-quality images reduce the need for re-scans.


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