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Virtual Colonoscopy

colon-tvAt Emery Medical Solutions we specialize in colonoscopy services for Apopka and all of Orlando. Helical computed tomography (CT) is used to generate high-resolution, two-dimensional axial images of the abdomen and pelvis. Three-dimensional images of the colon simulating those obtained with conventional colonoscopy can be reconstructed from the data obtained.

Basic imaging principles: cleansing the patient’s colon using a standard barium enema or colonoscopy bowel preparation, colonic insufflation with room-air and thin-section, low dose CT of the abdomen and pelvis followed by off-line computer manipulation of the CT dataset to facilitate inspection of the colonic wall.

Test Preperation

virtual-colonVirtual colonoscopy requires a well prepared, cleansed colon to achieve appropriate sensitivity and specificity. Retained stool can simulate polyps decreasing specificity while retained fluid can obscure polyps resulting in decreased sensitivity. The standard colonoscopy preparation (polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution, Go-Lytely; Braintree Laboratories, Braintree, Mass) tends to result in more retained fluid and several investigators prefer a common barium enema preparation E-Z-EM, Inc. , C.B.Fleet, which appears to result in less retained fluid. At this time, a full colon cleansing preparation is required to achieve acceptable results. Orally administered barium contrast products to mark or tag fecal residue are under investigation. The incentive behind the development of such products is to minimize bowel preparation requirements and increase patient compliance. The efficacy of these agents remains is currently being assessed. E-Z-EM also makes a low residue diet kit to take the day prior to exam, nutritious enough for patients to adhere to the bowel prep regimen which is essential for good results.

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